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Fiat Ducato Review

fiat ducato

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Fiat Ducato Review

Is the new Fiat Ducato suited to the new world of 2019?

The Fiat Ducato is a large sized van that Fiat have been producing since the 1980’s. The van shares design features with the Citroen Relay, another of the oldest vans available on the market. This 2019 version offers a lot of modern technology features and alongside its high payloads, this van is beginning to sound like a good investment.


The Ducato has a 2.3-litre diesel engine with other varied engines being available to choose from. However, the powerful 2.3 engine is a popular one to say the least, with a maximum torque of 290Nm this van has a lot of potential. The downside to the engine is that it can be a bit noisy. This is not surprising when you have a MultiJet diesel engine; this is producing increased CO2 emissions. Since September 2019, the Ducato was released in a nine-speed automatic gearbox with an additional Eco Pack in attempt to bring down emissions released.


The ride in a Fiat Ducato is rather uncomfortable, being bouncy and slightly uncontrolled this van causes some issues with users. The age of the Ducato may have an impact on sound and suspension however, you would expect Fiat to have improved these driving elements because drivers would most likely be using the van for long journeys. The driving position is not ideal for everyone, if you are a shorter person you may struggle to reach the steering wheel as it is angled, similar to a bus. If you were to drive in this position for long distances it could get very uncomfortable.

Running costs

Looking at statistics, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are pretty good for a diesel engine of this size. However, extra money comes into the equation when you see the size of the standard kit – it isn’t very standard. With lots of add-ons to include, you need to pay extra for the majority of the basic items required.

Extras for the Fiat Ducato include, heated driver’s seat (£160), speed limiter and cruiser control (£230), USB charging port (£60), front passengers’ airbag (£230) and reverse parking aid (£260).

Fiat Ducato Panel 2.3 MultiJet 30 SH1 120hp:

CO2 emissions                        186 g/km

Service intervals                    30,000 miles

Warranty                                125,000 miles

Fuel consumption                  39.7 combined MPG

Load length                            2,670 mm

Load width (min/max)           1,422/1,870 mm

Load height                            1,662 mm

Gross payload                        1,155 kg

Load volume                          8m3

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May 30, 2020