Business Lease Purchase

With a Lease Purchase agreement the vehicle is leased for a fixed monthly payment with the option to purchase it at the end of the agreement. The agreement requires a deposit, which is usually equivalent to 3 monthly payments, and a final payment which is typically equivalent to the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the contact.

This allows you to take advantage of the immediate cash flow benefits of leasing and gives your company the opportunity to buy the asset outright for a nominal fee at the end of the agreed term.


Ownership at the end of the agreement

Choice of contract period from 24 to 60 months

Capital cost of the van can be written-down (unless using the Annual Investment Allowance)

Purchase cost may be Corporation Tax deductible through Capital Allowances

Interest elements of monthly payments may be Corporation Tax deductible

Can benefit from higher residual values

Fixed interest rate

Effective budgeting with the final payment facility. Ownership of the vehicle can be acquired once the final payment has been paid in full

Monthly payments are not subject to VAT

The vehicle is registered in the your name, care of the finance company


Outstanding payments appear as a liability on your balance sheet

Not VAT efficient

Vehicle appears on your balance sheet

You are liable for the full value of the vehicle and have no option to return it at the end of the contract

Should the agreement be for an LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) then the full amount for the VAT on the purchase must be paid upfront


This would suit customers who:

Want ownership of the vehicle at the end of the agreement

Can pay all of the VAT in relation to the vehicle up front

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