It’s time to get your business moving, so here’s everything you need to know about buying a van
Running a business is a tough job and if you’re a trader that needs a van for your work, you need the buying process to be as simple as possible so that you don’t miss a sale or business commitment. With this guide, Auto Express is here to help you find, buy and get behind the wheel of the right van for your business.
With so many different vans on sale, where do you start with buying one? Well, the first question to ask is: what do I need a van for? With so much variety on offer in the van market, without too much effort you should be able to find a commercial vehicle option that will suit your trade down to the ground. You’ve got car derived vans, then small purpose-built vans, mid-sized panel van models and then your full-blown large panel vans. Beyond that there are 4×4 vans and pick-up trucks if you need some off-road ability and, of course, most of the above can be ordered with specialist conversions from Luton or box vans to flat-bed or tipper bodies. The choice is huge but it means there’s almost certainly a vehicle out there for your business.
Then comes the task of speccing a van with the right kit for your job. If you’re a trader that needs storage, then adding the right shelving and racks will be a great benefit, there’s various load bay linings to consider that will protect the inside of the van and you’ll probably need added security, too. Delivery drivers and on-call engineers could benefit from navigation and connected services, while long-distance traders could make the most of comfort seating and other in-cab luxuries. The trick is knowing which boxes are worthwhile to tick, and which are not.
After that, you need to consider what your budget and finance options are. As a business, you need to consider the cost of a van without VAT included, and whether the van can be put through your business as an expense. If you’re self employed, then your credit rating may be harder to determine, making it harder for you to buy on finance. It’s also worth looking at the best time of year to buy a new van, as doing so around the start of the tax year in April may work for or against you in terms of taxation.
Once you’ve got your van, there’s the rest of the finances to consider. How much do you set a side each month for repayments on finance? Do you have enough to cover road tax each year, or do you pay a little extra for the monthly Direct Debit option that allows you to forget about it? Then there’s insurance.



Thats why we are here. At Buy A Van UK you can be sure of clear and impartial advice so get in touch now and we will get you on the road in no time!