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Toyota ProAce Review

toyota proace

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Toyota ProAce Review

Toyota Proace Review

The Toyota Proace is a medium-sized van which was launched in September 2016. It has very familiar styling to that of its cousin the Peugeot Expert, which also launched in the same year. The van is said to be very well priced for what comes with it for example, its high payloads or the efficient engines. But will the Toyota Proace be all it is thought to be?


Since 2019, the Proace is now available with two 1.5-litre turbo diesel motors which provide 100hp/270Nm. The engines are efficient and beneficial with fuel consumption however, there are little options in the variation of engine available for you to choose from. This means buyers are stuck with what they get, which isn’t suitable for a wide range of van drivers. Driving the Proace is a tidy experience, with its six-speed gearbox the Proace proves as good as its previous engine – the 1.6-litre turbo diesel.


The cab of the Toyota Proace seems simple in terms of comfort yet, somewhat claustrophobic. The dashboard is quite a stretch away from the low-down driving position but this allows for plenty of adjustability depending on your preference. On right-hand drive models, the steering wheel is said to be off set from the pedals. Completing a long journey in a slightly twisted manner can cause discomfort which could put users off this van. The storage inside the Proace is not massive or impressive but there is a decent amount of space surrounding the seating area for all your belongings.

Running costs

The Toyota Proace is considered one of the best medium vans for fuel economy and a very well valued van for what you spend on it (see price below). The fuel-efficient diesel engines alongside the five-year warranty means the customers are being valued and Toyota has done an amazing job with this. The van comes with many highlights already included such as, cruise control, remote locking and Bluetooth connection.

Extras for further money include, air conditioning (£413), rear parking sensors, ply lining kit with anti-slip floor (£250) and metallic paint (£454).

Toyota PROACE Van 1.5 D Active Medium 100 DIN Hp:

CO2 emissions                        130 g/km

Fuel consumption                  51.4 Combined MPG

Warranty                                100,000 miles

Load length                            2,512 mm

Load width (min/max)           1,258/1,628 mm

Load height                            1,397 mm

Load volume                          5 m3

Gross payload                        1,000 kg

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June 2, 2020