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Vauxhall Combo Review

vauxhall combo

Vauxhall Combo Review

Vauxhall Combo review

The impact on Vauxhall’s commercial line up has been incredible when the acquisition of Vauxhall from General Motors was made by PSA.

The new Vauxhall Combo is based from Peugeot’s Partner and Citroen’s Berlingo, yet it is being marketed in a different way with its gross payload capacity reaching a minimum of 668 kg. All three of these vans won the What Van? LCV of the Year Award 2019.

Engine and gearbox

The engine on the Vauxhall Combo can be chosen from a wide range of any available but the 1.6-litre L1H1 Cargo Sportive Turbo D engine generates 100hp. You can choose between a five-speed, six-speed or eight-speed gearbox if you wanted. An eco-friendly 1.2-litre petrol engine is set to arrive later in the year.


The driving experience and the handling of the Vauxhall Combo are high end with the gearbox leaving users impressed with the smoothness and quality of the ride. With 100hp in a small sized van this performance was not lacking or slow for the most part. In the five-speed gearbox there were high amounts of noise produced. If you want to purchase this van for long motorway journeys, it may be a good idea to investigate a six-speed gearbox.

Interior and equipment

The inside of the Vauxhall Combo is fully flexible with a middle seat offering a desk when flattened down yet there is virtually no legroom when up right. The handbrake is gone and switched into a parking brake in the form of a button instead. This can form some practicality but some annoyance depending on the customer. The sportive version of the Vauxhall Combo offers plenty of equipment for the drivers who are interested in that aspect.

Extras include, parking sensors (£200), air conditioning (£600), driver and front passenger airbags (£390) and touchscreen navigation system (£700).

Cargo Sportive L1H1 2000 1.6 100hp Turbo D

Warranty                                                            3yrs/60,000 miles
Service intervals                                              1yr/16,000 miles
Load length                                                        1,817 mm
Load width (min/max)                                  1,229/1,550 mm
Load bay height                                               1,236 mm
Load volume                                                     3.3m3
Gross payload                                                   668 kg
Engine size/power                                          1,560cc/100 hp
Combined fuel economy                              65.6 mpg
CO2 Emissions                                                  111g/km

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June 2, 2020